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Custom design and manufacturing.

We design and manufacture custom parts and assemblies for any application. We work with metals, plastics, electronics and more. Contact us now to learn more.


We are an engineering company

QMI LABS understands engineering, and understands business. Sometimes you need that special part to keep your business running or makes it more efficient. Sometimes you have an idea for a product that does not exist.

We are here for you and we will design products for you with as little as a drawing on a napkin, prototype within days, deliver within weeks using anything from soft rubber to stainless steel.


What we do

We handle your needs from start to finish.

Product design

We design what you need with you and turn it into a digital model ready for manufacturing

Quick delivery

From start to delivery within a week. An emergency item in your hands quicker than most competitors.


We will manufacture your product to your specification out of a range of materials including metals and plastics.

Small volume manufacturing

That product idea that traditionally would require a large minimum order quantity to justify the moulding costs… we have the solution.


Looking to make a new product?

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