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What we do

This is a list of a few examples of what we do. As a design and manufacturing company there are so many applications for our services. We are happy to help everyones needs.

Kickstarter projects

Are you planning to crowdfund your idea? Do you need a designer? Do you need manufacturing? You probably also need someone quick and flexible to provide prototypes and early units to your backers while also able to accelerate production when your popularity increases. Forget complicated contracts, expensive molds and shipping fees. Made in the UK, all of our items are so much closer to you and your customers.


close up phot of a cnc milling machine with metalworking fluid

Do you need prototypes made for testing you product before production? We can deliver prototypes within a few weeks in some cases. Our experts can also provide advice and feedback on features that could be changes to improve large scale manufacturing. We use advanced equipment that can achieve impressive tolerances with plastics and metals, including metals that are notoriously difficult to process like titanium and stainless steel.

Custom parts

close up photo of metal tool

Is there a part that simply doesnt exist? Or doesnt exist in the material or specification you need? As long as you can describe what you want our team will design, manufacture and ship to you that product as requested within as little as a week. No need to have any technical knowledge either, in most cases we can start from some basic dimensions.

Broken machine part but cant find a replacement? We can eve 3D scan your equipment and design based on that.

Scientific equipment

person holding laboratory flask

Products that meet food safe, GMP, or USP requirements can be made for research labs out of compatible raw materials in ISO9001 facilities. Each requirement can be individually selected before starting the designing process with us. Contact our sales team for more information.

Custom electronics

Electronics equipment

We will create prototypes, perform testing and even assemble electronic parts and devices. We can help you repair or replace legacy equipment that your business relies on in a fast and cost effective way.

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